Senior fiber sensing expert

Fiber optic sensors can measure strain, temperature and vibrations at multiple points distributed over an optical sensing fiber of up to several kilometers. An optical fiber is lightweight, resistant to extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interference, and corrosion and is safe to use in explosive environments.

Bringing to market a very cost-effective interrogator Sentea accelerates the adoption of fiber optic sensors in monitoring applications in civil infrastructure, wind turbines, heavy industries, oil & gas installations, airplanes, ships, trains, electric cars, and even medical instruments.

To stay at the leading edge of fiber optic sensing and define our next generation products, we are now looking for a senior fiber sensing expert.

You will become part of a fast growing and international team, contributing to a sustainable future by enabling better asset management. Our offices are located at the technology park close to the beautiful city of Ghent, the silicon photonics hotspot of Europe.

Your responsibilities

  • Study and prototype new fiber sensing technologies and methods
  • Define required photonic building block performance and propose possible implementations
  • Develop models to study the physics of fiber sensing technologies
  • Design and perform characterization tests of optical components and circuits
  • Interface with system architect to implement new fiber sensing technologies
  • Interface with photonics designers to define new photonic circuits
  • Study applications & market opportunities of new fiber sensing technologies
  • Collaborate with our research institute partners

Your profile

  • Master’s degree or PhD in photonics, electronics or equivalent
  • Expert in fiber sensing principles (interferometric, FBG, Brillouin, Raman, Rayleigh, …)
  • Expert in frequency and time domain analyses principles
  • Hands-on experience with laboratory equipment such as lasers, photodiodes, modulators, DAQ systems, etc.
  • Experience with simulation of (fiber)optic devices and circuits using FDTD, FEM and circuit level simulators
  • Software skills: Python, LabVIEW is an advantage
  • Knowledge of integrated photonics is an advantage
  • Knowledge of RF electronics is an advantage
  • Fluent in English

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