Making continuous monitoring the standard

Sentea has the ambition to become a market leader in fiber optic sensor interrogators leveraging the benefits of Silicon Photonics.

Fiber optic sensing allows for highly accurate, robust and continuous structural health monitoring, predicting and preventing equipment failure and structural damage to infrastructure. Unaffected by electro-magnetic fields and resistant to extreme temperatures and stress, fiber optic sensors can be used even in the most harsh environments. Furthermore these sensors can also be used to monitor, control and improve the efficiency of equipment and processes.

Traditional interrogators contain expensive and mechanically assembled optical parts limiting the use of fiber optic sensors to high-end applications. Using Silicon Photonics, Sentea can make interrogators small and cost-effective, bringing fiber optic sensing to a wide range of applications in markets such as wind, oil and gas energy, construction of civil infrastructure, heavy industry and transport.

DM-4120 FBG interrogator
peakviewer 6
Sentea PeakViewerTM PC application


Bridge 600x411

Structural Health Monitoring

Bridges, dams, tunnels as well as buildings can be equipped with fiber optic sensors for continuous structural health monitoring.

Fiber sensors mounted in or onto concrete or steel structures predict and detect small defects early on. Preventive maintenance can then be performed to avoid structural damage to the infrastructure.


Bearing Condition Monitoring

Bearings pre-equipped with fiber optic sensors are being launched commercially and bring the benefits of fiber optic sensing to ships, trains, trucks and heavy construction equipment.

Continuous load sensing improves the efficiency of rotating equipment, while lifetime prediction and early failure detection prevent damage to the bearing and more importantly to expensive surrounding parts like gearboxes and engines.

wind turbine

Wind Turbine Efficiency

Fiber optic sensors can be installed on blades, bearings, gearbox, tower and jacket of wind turbines to predict, detect and prevent failures before they lead to costly repairs.

Equally important fiber optic sensors embedded in the blades can be used to monitor and increase the efficiency of the turbine.


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